Who Should Attend

The Summit is strategically designed for elite registered investment advisors. Broker/Dealers, asset managers and industry service providers are also encouraged to attend. View past attendees.

Why Wealth Advisors should attend

  • Recession-proof client portfolios – Alts can help increase portfolio returns and reduce volatility – even in a down market
  • Go beyond the 60/40 – The 60/40 portfolio no longer cuts it. Become part of the group of advisors who know how to turn modern portfolio theory on its head
  • Learn the “how to” of alts – You may already know the “what” of alts – now you need the “how to.” Learn how to implement alts successfully in your practice
  • Explore the new breed of alts – If you haven’t thought about alts since the days of limited transparency and illiquidity, it’s time to look again
  • Become part of the future of alts – The alts industry is expected to grow to $17 trillion by the end of 2025. Now is the time to learn how to offer alts to your clients
  • Learn from the greatest minds in the alts industry – Including your peers, asset managers, technology providers, and marketers
  • Access information based on your knowledge level – Whether you’re new to alts or have been offering them for years, you’ll walk away understanding the latest landscape of offerings, asset class performance, the inner workings of alts, and how to offer them to clients
  • Earn CE Credits – Practice management and CE sessions to help you build your business and reach your goals for 2024.

Why Broker/dealer home office Professionals should attend

  • Refresh your knowledge on the alternative investment structures and offerings available today
  • Understand what your advisors are learning – and the alternative investment solutions they are interested in offering their clients
  • Meet and begin vetting product sponsors

Why Asset Managers and Service Firms Should Attend

  • Dedicated time to educate financial advisors on your investment strategy, asset class, and solutions for their wealth practice
  • Brand recognition as a sponsor, exhibitor or speaker – and plenty of networking time with wealth advisors and broker dealers

Join us to Relax, Network, Learn and Grow

Past Attendees