The Impact of Alternative Investments

Alts can help increase portfolio returns and reduce volatility – even in a down market. Don’t miss the preeminent alts conference to learn how to recession-proof client portfolios.

The Execution of Alternative Investments

You may already know the "what" of alts - now you need the "how to.” Join us to learn how to execute alts successfully in your practice.

The New Breed of Alternative Investments

If you haven’t thought about alts since the days of limited transparency and illiquidity, it’s time to look again. Learn how new investment structures and sponsors have redefined the alts space.

The Future of Alternative Investments

Alts are predicted to grow to $17 trillion by 2025. Don’t miss your chance to learn why.

The Advantage of Alternative Investments

Become part of the group of advisors who know how to turn modern portfolio theory on its head. Register now to learn how to go beyond the 60/40.

The Blue Vault Alts Summit is an annual conference that brings together essential voices in the growing alternative investments industry.

MARCH 10-12, 2025 | Omni PGA Frisco (TX) Resort

 Asset Manager Perspectives – Community Groups - Education – Discussions & Panels – Networking – Practice Management – Service Provider Perspectives –



The 60/40 Portfolio No Longer Cuts It

A portfolio of stocks and bonds was once the gold standard. But it’s no longer serving investors well – and hasn’t for some time. Join the forward-thinkers who are using alternative investments to protect and improve client portfolios.

Alternative investments include investment vehicles like REITs, BDCs, Interval Funds, Tender Offer Funds, Private Credit, Private Offerings, 1031 Exchange Programs, Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds, Nontraded Preferred Stock, hedge funds, hard assets and derivatives.

Alts typically have low correlation to mainstream asset classes like stocks and bonds – making them attractive for portfolio diversification. They also have the potential to provide current income and a hedge against inflation.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you from utilizing alts with your clients. Join industry experts to learn about the value and growth of the alternative investments industry.

“I don’t understand advisors who don’t use alternatives even if it’s just alternative mutual funds. I don’t get it because the market is such that you want to mitigate volatility.”

- Larry Barocas, Advisor at Snowden Lane

2024 Ambassador Partners

Our Ambassador Partners are firms dedicated to the alternative investments industry and educating advisors about how to incorporate alts, playing an influential role in expanding access to and simplifying the investment process of alts.


Blue Vault is the leading aggregator of alternative investment data and analysis.

We specialize in industry insights, data, trends and tools. We are the high-octane fuel behind connecting advisors with alternative asset managers and driving investment solutions. We help advisors stay informed and provide the power to help select the best alts strategies for your clients and your practice.

Those “In the Know” Partner with Blue Vault

We collect, consolidate and interpret alternative asset manager and investment offering data from across the industry so you don’t have to. Our reports unlock factual performance metrics needed to make better informed decisions concerning nontraded REITs, BDCs, Tender Offer Funds, Interval Funds and Private Offerings to help diversify client portfolios and expand your practice.

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