Educating Advisors…About Alternative Investing

Knowledge is power. We help advisors stay informed on alternative investment performance, trends, and data to provide the power to select the best strategies for your clients and your practice.

Blue Vault provides its subscribers with the factual performance metrics needed to make better informed decisions concerning nontraded REITs, BDCs, Tender Offer Funds, Interval Funds and Private Offerings.

Our commitment to you is transparency and eduction. We host numerous webinars and podcasts throughout the year. We also provide advisors the opportunity to learn about numerous alternative investment strategies and hear from multiple sponsors during our Summit each spring.

The Bowman Law Firm conducts legal and financial due diligence on a wide array of alternative investment products. We approach each due diligence review with an in-depth view and issue due diligence reports to our clients with the results of the review.

Covering non-traded REITs (traditional and NAV), non-traded BDCs, non-traded closed-end funds, other non-traded DPPs, 1031s, private offerings, private equity, and hedge fund reviews, our goal is to make our clients’ due diligence process more efficient. We are a virtual law firm with independent professionals located across the U.S.

Expected to Present in 2023