Event Information


Who is the Audience?

Wealth Advisors, Broker Dealers, Blue Vault Partner Firms, and other Financial Professionals are invited to attend all panel discussions and presentations. The target audience, however, is advisors and broker dealers.

This event is intended for institutional, broker dealer, or registered investment adviser participation only.  Event attendance or participation by the general public is prohibited.

What Information Does Blue Vault Need?

Company information:

  • Company name as you would like it to appear on the event website and/or Summit promotional emails
  • High-resolution, print-quality company logo in .eps, .pdf, or .ai format
    (if not already provided or if you would like to use a different logo than the one displayed here)
  • Website link
  • Company description
  • Company contact Info for Summit attendees
  • Marketing/Event Coordinator contact info

Due: Feb 22, 2021

Submit information at bit.ly/Summit2021Company

Speaker & presentation information:

  • Presentation Title
  • Presentation Description and Bullet Points
  • Speaker(s) First and Last Name
  • Speaker(s) Company
  • Speaker(s) Title
  • Speaker(s) Email
  • Speaker(s) Phone
  • Speaker(s) Bio
  • Speaker(s) High-resolution headshot, in .jpg, .pdf, or .png format

Due: Feb 12, 2021

Submit information at bit.ly/Summit2021Speakers

Presentation files:

  • PowerPoint presentation in a widescreen ratio (16:9)
  • Video files to be played during the presentation (optional)
    .mp4 file type required. Recommended data rate 1mbps or lower.
  • Poll questions and responses (optional)

Note: The following are not supported by the webinar platform
-Embedded files (Excel, SmartArt graphics, animated GIFs, etc)
-Embedded fonts
-Sound, music, or voice narrations
-Embedded audio, video, or flash clips (videos must be provided separately for upload)
-The first animation on each slide must be set to Start on Click

Due: Feb 26, 2021

Submit information at bit.ly/Summit2021Present


Attendee Resources (optional):

Resources and materials may be provided in any of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx)
  • PDFs (.pdf)
  • Podcasts (.mp3)
  • Videos (.mp4; maximum file size is 50mb)
  • URL (255 character limit)

Due: Feb 26, 2021

Submit information at bit.ly/Summit2021Resources


Industry Q&A with Blue Vault:

This session provides an opportunity for the Alts Week attendees to ask questions and communicate directly with you.  The questions will be submitted in writing to BV prior to the session, or they will be submitted in writing during the session, via the Q&A window.  Blue Vault will moderate the session, and hence, have access to the submitted questions.  Blue Vault will present the questions during the sessions as addressed, making sure to provide an equitable opportunity for all parties to participate.  One member of your firm is allowed to participate.  In essence, this is simply a Q&A panel with 5-7 panelists.  Your firm will participate on the day of your presentation.  So, for example, if you present on a Thursday, you will also participate in the Q&A panel at the end of that same day.

Due: Mar 2, 2021

Submit information at bit.ly/Summit2021QandA